View Full Version : Testosterone replacement therapy and loss of Propecia/Minoxidil Fill-In Hair

09-28-2014, 06:35 PM
I'm looking for help...here's my situation:

I am a 56 year old male who lost his hair at a young age. I made the mistake of doing several strip hair transplants by what I thought was a reputable NYC surgeon, and years later in 2005-6, FUE transplants by a much better doctor with appreciatively better results. I also started on 1/5 Proscar (less than 1 mg.) every second or third day with minoxidil every night about 8 years ago. This treatment helped "fill in" the transplanted hair considerably and I actually looked pretty good. Gone were the days of people glancing up at the "pluggy" look I was initially given.

Last month, after complaining about lower energy, decreased muscle mass and a very decreased sex drive, I sought out a reputable TRT Therapy doctor. My testosterone levels were:
Total Testosterone: 551 (normal range 348-1197)
Free Testosterone: 3.6 (normal range 7.2-24.0)

I started treatment (100 mg injections every seven days) and immediately felt better. By the second week I had MUCH increased muscle mass (I'm thin so I was actually more cut than at any time previously), significantly more energy, became more outgoing and social and had a very increased sexual drive. This was, quite honestly, the answer to my prayers.
At week 3 1/2 however I had a significant shed of all of my propecia/minoxidil hairs so that the transplants were once again quite visible. I up'ed my propecia/minoxidil, but it was too late. Needless to say I stopped the TRT injections immediately.

Does anyone have experience with TRT and hair loss therapy regimes that specifically limit the amount of hair fallout such as I have experienced? I really HATE to give up the TRT because of this awful side effect.
Could Dutasteride work significantly better in my situation? I cannot shave my head or even buzz it (and go back on the TRT) due to significant scarring from the transplants.

Any advice or help would be so greatly appreciated. I'm so disappointed - I finally found something that made me fee like I did 15 years ago but it's suddenly very sadly out of reach for me.

Also, does anyone have any recommendations for a TRT doctor or clinic in the Southern California area that they feel is particularly well versed in my situation and worth seeking out for a second opinion?

Thank you so much in advance.