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09-25-2014, 10:12 AM

I just wanted to share my story and hopefully help anyone trying to make the decision about having hair treatment.

I started losing my hair approximately 3 years ago when i was 24, i had always had good hair and i could not accept it was happening, it stressed me out which obviously added to the problem. Even though it was a big problem for me i decided i had to get on with it, carry on like other people do but it was when people started commenting or making a joke out of it that i started feeling despressed, i would always laugh along and go along with the jokes but in my mind it had a huge impact. I started using various products, hair thickening sprays, hair microfibre products which did the job of hiding my hair loss, it just wasn't a permanent solution. I still couldnt relax incase it was noticeable, especially playing sports, going out to clubs, or being caught out in the rain as it would run down my face. My depression worsened and my confidence was extremely low, i was losing contact with friends and making excuses for not going out, i just didn't want to be seen.

After discussions with close friends and family i decided i could no longer live like i was, i had to make a change and a big decision in my life, i had to get back to myself. It was either shave my hair off or get professional treatment, in my mind there was only one option. I did a lot of research and it was Advanced Hair Studio which caught my attention, id seen the adverts with Shane Warne plenty of times but i had never really looked in to it or took too much interest. I thought long and hard about visiting AHS but i had to do it, the consultation was free so it was worth just getting advice and information at least. After being impressed with them and the success stories i was back within 2 months of my consultation having the strand by strand procedure, i can honestly say the decision is one of the hardest i have made but it is definitely the best i have ever made. It is now 3 months since the procedure and i am feeling realy confident and enjoying my life again, there is no hesitation when asked to do things and the feedback i have received is incredible.

I highly recommend AHS and the strand by strand procedcure, AHS have been amazing from day 1, they made me feel really comfortable and have been there for anything i have needed since.

Best of luck everyone with their hair, I just hope anyone in the position i was in doesn't suffer as long as i did.


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Advertising ?

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Just been on the other hairless site I use an the same person has put this on! Would you believe it's his first post there aswell!

09-26-2014, 08:03 AM
And he didn't even try to disguise it either.

09-26-2014, 08:48 AM
I apologise that it has come across that way but my post was in no way intended to be an advertisement.

I posted on a number of sites which I have viewed over the years as I wanted to share my story, the impact it has had on me has been massive and I thought it would be a good idea.

AHS have been part of my experience so that is why I have mentioned them in my post, I was impressed with the treatment I have received and I would recommend them to anyone who asks me.

People can make their own mind up just like I did and take the best route for themselves but my intention was to help anyone stuck in two minds and stressing about their situation, treatment was the answer for me, it was successful and donít waste away your life stressing like I did.

I am happy to share any information about my treatment