View Full Version : 21 Year Old on Fin, what do?

09-24-2014, 04:29 PM
I've been lurking this site for a couple of months so I'd figure I'd join and share my story.

So I'm 21 years old, and a few months ago I noticed my hair beginning to thin at the temples. My dad had been a solid NW6 for the entirety of my life so I got worried. Really worried. Due to finals, I was unable to see a doctor and get a Propecia prescription, so I jumped on Minoxidil. About a month later I was finally able to get a prescription for Propecia.

Fast forward 3 and a half months, no side effects on Propecia at all, and I go through what seems to be a shed (hair is now an early NW2 with crown thinning instead of juvenile hairline with a little thinning, which is how it was when I started). Then last weekend I notice my breasts have swollen a bit and are slightly sensitive. I have put on a little bit of weight, but it does appear to be gyno. I cut Propecia immediately and have been off it for about 5 days, but the gyno appears to still be progressing.

Anyone have any advice? I think it's still in the early stages (I think, I only started to notice it this past weekend), and I've always put on fat in the chest area the fastest. Tomorrow I plan to call the doctor (have to visit a completely new doctor, not the one who prescribed Propecia due to my school being far away from home).