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09-19-2014, 02:07 PM
Who is your doctor? I think this should be a fairly straight forward question but sometimes the answer may not be so easy to guess. This is one of the differences between the "boutique" hair transplant clinic and the corporate hair transplant clinic.

A boutique hair transplant clinic, sometimes referred to as an "independent" hair transplant clinic, is usually a clinic that has a doctor whose name is actually on the door. The clinic may have one or two locations and the doctor that is going to touch your head not only has his name on the door but he also has a documented track record; a track record that can be researched and judged before you decide to place your trust in their hands.

A corporate hair transplant clinic may have a recognized name on the door but they may have doctors working behind that name that you have never heard of. When one goes to a clinic with a recognized name it is a safe assumption that you are going to have a procedure with the doctor whose name is actually on the door, not some no-name that you've never heard of. Every clinic will show you a series of results when you have a consultation, as this is a normal practice, but it is easy to assume that the results you are looking at are results from the doctor you are having your procedure with. It only makes sense, right?

When you are researching various clinics and you are shown a series of photos in your consultation, make sure you ask who the doctor is that performed the procedure. If you are going to have anyone touch your head you owe it to yourself to ask the right questions and that you feel comfortable with the answers. This goes beyond asking questions about FUE, hairlines and megaesessions. This is just more basic information that anyone should ask when considering any surgical hair restoration procedure.

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09-22-2014, 05:49 AM
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