View Full Version : Hey There - First SMP Treatment Yesterday

09-18-2014, 02:32 PM
Hey there everyone! I am a 36 year old male Norwood 6/7 who just had his first SMP treatment yesterday in NYC at a small clinic. I thought I would share my story and journey for those who are contemplating getting this procedure.

I started to research Scalp Micropigmentation about a year ago, as I have been wet shaving my head for almost a decade. Now when I began balding, I was not going to be one of "those guys" who was going to have a horse shoe with hair, I let go and out came the Mach 3 razor! Well, all was well and good, except no matter how close I shaved, I always had a shadow of the god awful horseshoe.

Over the years, I contemplated hair transplants; even going on consultations for FUE vs. Strip but was told I needed to bald more ? Really I needed to bald more ? That coupled with the price, scarring, and not so predictable results took that option off the table. So, I stumbled upon SMP, and began reading forums, watching videos, blogs, pictures, etc.

Being a natural cynic, I wasn't really convinced, although I have to admit the pictures I saw looked damn good. But who was to say that they were not photo shopped ? So, I took a proactive approach and decided to meet up with people that actually had this done, so I can see the product in person. I must say, even as a cynic with a keen eye on what to look for, I could not tell that anything other then a shaved head was done. It looked completely natural to me.

This really lit a fire under my rear, as the people I met all had one thing in common, they all had their transformations performed by the same person. Who was this person? And how could I get ahold of him ? Every positive SMP story I have read on the popular forums all had one common denominator, this one specialist. I had a consultation booked for a big company in New York, but I couldn't find out who was doing my consultation.

As luck would have it, it turns out the person I was looking for left the company I was scheduled to consult with and opened up his own SMP clinic. I got to meet him in person, as well as the owner, and actually witnessed a treatment in progress. What actually made me book my first session was that I have read multiple times that people get their sessions done each time by someone different, to me that was a deal breaker. If someone was working on my head for three sessions, then I want them to be the one from start to finish.

My head was a bit red yesterday, I am very pleased with the result. Today the redness has subsided and I cannot stop looking in the mirror. What really made me feel better was that the owner called me to see how I was doing and feeling. That I didn't expect but hey who doesn't like good customer service.

My next session is booked for next Thursday, session # 2. I am both excited and nervous. I know I am in good hands, but I cannot wait to conquer the world with my new look and never turn back.