View Full Version : Finasteride (Propecia) - Is it possible to make it into a cream?

09-18-2014, 03:57 AM
Hi all,

I have heridartory hairloss and have been using Nizoral, Minoxidil 5% foam and Azealic Acid for about two years but i'm still losing my hair so fast. I have it shaved to a No1 now. I think if i were not using all these products i'd be bald within a year.

I've been been using a Minoxidil 15% and 5 Azealic acid liquid solution for about 6 months but i can't say that even that has helped much. I buy it from guy in Northern Ireland who makes the stuff up through a chemist.

So....i've been considering buying generic Propecia (finasteride) and trying 1mgs daily, although the potential side effects are worrying (and I know it comes in a 5mgs tablet that needs to be cut up). According to control studies i've seen though, the percentage of people suffering really adverse affects is always quite low.

I guess there are more negative comments about finasteride on the web because people tend to put 'pen to paper' when things don't go well and you are more likely to complain about a product rather than write a good review about it if it works. Hence why I think we may see more negative reviews about it on the web.

Anyway....my question is... (and forgive me if it's a stupid one) ...has anyone ever tried to make a cream or liquid solution out of a finestaride pill?

Seeing as you can make minoxidil and azealic acid into a foam, cream or liquid. Why can't it be done with finasteride?

Surely it would be better to treat the problem topically rather than consuming a pill which affects the whole body?

And just as a side note... I find using 100% Aloe Vera gel a great way to absorb minoxidil liquid into the scalp really quickly.

Any advice or explanation on this would be really appreciated. Otherwise...i may just try the dreaded 1mg Finasteride pill before i give up all together!!!

09-18-2014, 03:23 PM
Anything I've read about topical finasteride (people usually making their own with the pills) is that since the scalp still absorbs the drug, you still get the same side effects you would if you took it orally. Also, it's harder to judge how much you're applying to your scalp.

And finally, it's just dangerous. Being around pregnant women or women who are trying to become pregnant and having finasteride around them just isn't safe.