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09-16-2014, 11:59 AM
hi there im chris im 24 from scotland , work as a
motor technician for a well know dealership. like and compete in motor sports . go to the gym not as much as i used to though since hairloss started . not really outgoing hate nightclubs etc so dont smoke or drink. have the odd couple beers at night at home lol.

basically im here because i dabbled in a few pro hormones when training . i first noticed my hairloss kick in when i was 21 after 2 courses of a pro hormone. i was always self conscious about how skinny i was and these pro hormones where working great!! i put 3 stone in total on in one year and had size and confidence . i then stopped
cycling and going natural. only to notice my hair line disappearing slowly. i got paranoid about thAt and tried various products you can buy over the counter but nothing worked.

ive tried finasteride legit propecia from the doctor. i felt it done nothing so i stopped it after 3 months. i know thats not long enough now.

since 5 months ago ive been using generic dutasteride. I saw no diffrence
still loss but now heres the worrying part!
i bought ru55841 and mixed it with kirkland minox
i apply 1ml everynight before bed and nowy hair is thinner than ever its now shedding like crazy in every shower . i didnt even shed anything on fin or duta!! can anyone help on this?

i also use nozoral 2 times a week



09-19-2014, 12:16 AM
If you are serious about hair loss, the first thing you need to do is keep a timeline of photos of your hair with time being to only thing changing (same length, lighting, style, etc...). we get freaked out and paranoid and pictures are the only sure way keep track of progress. You are right, 3 months is way too short for 99% of all hair treatment cases. I would recommend getting back on min & fin and give it time. Finasteride to help maintain what you have, minoxidil to help regrow what you can. If you are shedding from the treatment, take that as a good thing and ride it out because shed is temporary, while natural hair loss is permanent. In just about all the cases I've read that are documented, hair comes back thicker and fuller after shedding on treatment. Hope this helps and good luck in your hair loss battle.