View Full Version : Can People Tell Me Their Experiences On Propecia? 25year old Male Nw 2.5-3

09-15-2014, 08:04 PM
Okay So I went to my regular doctor he prescribed Propecia

Went to a top doctor dermatologist she recommended just using rogaine and not propecia.

Asked my pharmacist her advice was to just stick with rogaine for now and that "Every drug has side effects" and she has learned this drug can affect "Sexual function" "Cognitive Function" and the "Liver". She didn't say not to take it but she didn't say to take it.

My half-brother used Propecia for 15 years daily he is turning 40 soon but stopped 6 months ago because of slightly low Testosterone. He did not specify that the drug caused these problems could be just his age. The drug definitely worked but he said he doesn't have to take it anymore and it did its job. His experience with the drug was that it worked, and watery semen and lowered sex drive but nothing more or serious.

Anyone have any positive stories on here? Or advice with what treatments to take?

I take Rogaine, Biotin, Fish Oil, Nizoral, Viviscal, Multi Vitamin.

These treatments don't really compare to Propecia

I also took propecia a few years back for a year and a half, It worked well like real good, but I had a good amount of sides it sucked. I even went to a urologist and he told me stop taking it and see how you feel off it. Within a month I was back to normal.