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09-15-2014, 09:34 AM
Hi guys,

I am new to this forum, so hopefully I am posting in the right place...

OK, I would like some advice;

I am 28 and have a very high and wide forehead (think Aaron Paul, but more bumpy!), and I have always worn a fringe to cover it up. However, I noticed that my temples are receding, so I got my haircut without a fringe.

Didn't like the results at all! All you can see is forehead


(this photo makes my forehead look especially big as it is taken from higher up! You could write a book on there)

It has really started to eat at my self confidence, as I know as my hair receeds, my forehead will take on even more epic proportions!

My dad Norwood 2 at the age of 62, though one of my uncles was a Norwood 3 by age 50 (the other is a Norwood 2 age 60).

So, options;

1. Could I get a FUE to lower my hairline? I have looked into this and I know I would probably need to get more done in the future though.

2. Could I get a HT just to do my temples (which from the thinning look to be heading to a NW2)

3. Should I just wear a fringe as long as I can and hope for the cure to baldness? I think I have at least another 10 years left!

4. Should I just get used to the fact I have a tefal head??

Any advice would be appreciated!

My hair is really thick apart from my temples.