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09-15-2014, 02:37 AM
Here is my story, any advice from others would be greatly appreciated:

- Noticed thinning in 2002 (age 21)
- Went on Advanced Hair program 2004, didn't like the use of minoxidil and I don't think the program regrew hair
- 2005 I heard about hair transplants and after not much research I decided on a hair transplant at the end of the year (about 1200 grafts I think through hairline and a little in the crown)
- I was very happy with the result and it gave me a lot of confidence
- My family history is extensive, uncles are NW7 and my grandpa on my mums side, I don't really know my dad but I think he still has full head of hair
- In 2008 I started on propecia after continual but slow thinning, no side effects, difficult to determine if I regrew hair, likely to have slowed loss
- End of 2009 changed to dutasteride, no side effects, again difficult to determine if I regrew hair, hair loss has continued as a slow progression
- 2009 started using toppik and have used since, usage has increased over the years but not highly significant, also use caboki
- 2013 had PRP sessions, I felt it helped the quality of hair improved and may have slowed down loss for a period of time

Hair Characteristics

- Medium brown in colour
- Fine hair and oily
- I've been told donor density is average/good
- I feel over the years my hair has changed, I feel I noticed a change after starting propecia, compared to my mid twenties my hair is finer/oilier and less manageable with some grey hairs

Current Predicament

- Been dating an amazing girl for nearly 5 months who I haven't yet discussed my hair loss issues with, I can see myself with this girl for a long time. I feel the hair loss thing is the only negative that could impact the relationship. I do want to discuss with her in the coming month.
- Over past few months I have given significant thought to a 2nd hair transplant
- Increasingly worried about my future hair loss pattern and whether I will be happy with results in long term (I'm dreading ending up NW7 and I think about being NW7 a lot in recent times and worried hair transplants won't give me the results I want)
- Sick of using concealers
- Sick of worrying about windy days
- I have wondered if my 1st hair transplant was wrong decision, as I said it was great at the time but now I realise it is a limitation in terms of the appearance of transplanted hair and donor scar if I was to shave down
- I do however feel if I hadn't a hair transplant I would now be at the point of considering having one
- I am worried about quality of my hair, thin, fine and oily hair and realise these characteristics limit my expectations
- I think I have realistic expectations and would be happy with a particular outcome that is by far less than a full head of hair, yet I worry a lot about the worst case scenario (ie further progression towards NW7 which is likely to make hair transplant/s look less natural
- I am a professional engineer and meet with lots of clients, confidence is recent times has dropped as my worry about hair loss has increased

I feel my options are:

- Do Nothing - not ideal as I don't like my current hair cut which is cut to conceal hair loss and over time I feel frontal transplants will look out of place if I change hair cut, plus can't shave down because of scar
- 2nd Hair Transplant - not ideal either but potential to improve situation significantly if I can stop further loss and get a good result, I am confident I have found a good doctor
- Try to reverse hair transplant - ie have grafts extracted and fill in around scar combined with refinement of recipient scars (I have seen this online but not convinced it is for me - end of the day I want to maximise my coverage and I know hair transplants combined with medication are the best option for this)

End of the day, I feel hair transplant is likely my best option. However, I am really worried about what the future holds and where my hair loss journey takes me on the NW scale.

I would appreciate any advice you guys have.



09-15-2014, 06:25 AM
Hey man

My honest opions are 1) you waited too long to get on propecia/dutasteride, and 2) you shouldn't have went straight for a HT

But with that behind you lets see your options now. We can't really say if another transplant will do you good because there are no pictures. You are on dutasteride so you are doing all you can to stop further loss, i dont think going for a conservative HT is a bad idea man! but post pictures