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09-13-2014, 11:12 AM
Hello friends my name is Dinesh i am 27 years old. I was frustrated with my loss of hair. I was tried so many treatments but when i was stop my pills then the loss of my hair has been doubled so finally i decided to get hair transplant. So i was searched so many clinics and finally i got my place that is Dezire Clinic.Dr Prashant yadav treats me to do my hair transplant. personally i feels that the hair transplant means Dr. was trying to fixed my damage hair but i was wrong Dr. prashant told me what is hair transplant and what are benefits of that thing. And finally i did hair transplant under Dr. Prashant yadav at Dezire hair transplant Clinic i am happy now. I cant express my feeling to you guy if you really in need please try to visit Dezire clinic those people will definitely help you get you from hair loss problem.

Thank You guys this is my story. If you need any reference i will help you.

09-13-2014, 04:19 PM
Could you post some photos? I bet you feel great.

09-16-2014, 11:43 AM
Heeey i know Dr. prashat he is very kind and specialist in hair transplant. i already did my hair transplant from Dr. prashat. He did successfully transplant treatment. If any one need a pic of mine reply this post.

thank you

09-21-2014, 10:42 PM
Holy advertising.