View Full Version : 25 Year Old Male NW 2-3 Propecia Questions

09-10-2014, 07:41 AM
(I feel like some people are going to view this without providing feedback because I don't have any receding hairline pictures up with my post!)
seems mostly care just about the results of propecia or the sexual side effects, not about the mental sides. I guess its hard to prove since people just say "Its all in your head" But then again doesn't propecia messes with brain chemicals and hormones?

Its proven that Finasteride causes Depression/Anxiety in extremely rare cases. How would you know if the drug is causing this or just your mind is? If you are prone to anxiety, how do you know the anxiety / depression you experienced on and off the drug was actually caused by it? Wasn't Spencer (The head of this site) having panic attacks and deep depression because of his early hair loss prior to finding Fin? And he has been taking it for years and is fine now?

I obsess about my hair loss, but at the same time if I take propecia how would that affect it?

Also I read that when they tested Fin on mice, the mice started to get heavy anxiety compared to the ones not on it.

Anyway I went to a really good Derm Dr like rated high in the state of NJ. Her son who is my age (25) is thinning and receding NW 2-3, and she won't let him take Propecia just yet, she used to prescribe Propecia frequently but starting about 2 years back she doesn't because of complaints and side effects both physically and mentally. She also said get a blood test to rule out Thyroid problems.

Then I went to my general doctor and he sucked, he kept telling me I don't need it because it doesn't help for the receding hairline or frontal hairloss, only the back of the hair it works best for. He didnt even talk about side effects or anything like that. I know he hardly knew what he was talking about. The Derm knew more about it then him but she wouldn't prescribe it.

Right now I am on the big 2 Nizoral/Regenpure, Rogaine, Viviscal, and also Biotin , I know deep down I am missing the biggest key component in saving my hair that being Fin