View Full Version : 23M balding. Should buy or see MD first? What to expect

09-09-2014, 05:30 PM
I am 23 and have always had a pretty full head of hair. It started getting worse about 3 years ago, I would guess mostly because of my bad lifestyle- I smoked a lot of cigarettes, weed, slept only minimum hours a day, partied hard and ate mostly junk food. On the other side I've always been doing sports frequently. My father's back of the head is pretty much bald with only few hair left, but sides and top are good. So I think there is some genetic predisposition but it was accelerated a lot because of my lifestyle.
I stoped smoking couple months ago (been smoking for 3 years previously), currently on vegetarian diet, but I think my baldness went too (http://imgur.com/urHmQRs) far (https://imgur.com/LxiTXLT)
My sides are doing good, but the top and front (temples) of my head are balding. It doesn't look that bad when I wash my hair, dry them and style but it still sucks for me.
Basically, can anyone offer any advice for my problem? I only did a quick research, the reason why I'm asking is because I'm going to stay in USA for two more weeks before I go back home to Europe and some drugs might be cheaper here than in my homeland.
Do you think there is still chance Minoxidil would help me? Or it's time for big guns already? Should I see my MD first to check my DHT and other levels?

I love my hair, I hope there is a chance to save them! Thanks for help.