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09-06-2014, 04:25 PM
Hello everyone,

I'm Ron and I just found this forum after spending the summer researching Propecia online. I just wanted to introduce myself and read/comment on some of your journeys. When I was born, the doctor did something wrong with the forceps during my birth and it resulted in permanent scarring on top/back of my head. In my particular case, the scarring is directly where the "swirl" would be back part of my head. I've had a softball sized spot there for my whole life. The scar tissue there is pretty thick and there's no sensation (hot or cold) hair doesn't grow there.

I had my first hair transplant at 24, second at 27 and third at 32, maxing out my credit cards each time. I've notice very slight improvements with each transplant but not enough to ditch my baseball hat that I've been attached to since my youth. I was told by the doctors that the transplants may or may not work because of my scar tissue. So far, it's been less than acceptable.

I just turned 33 a few months ago and I've experienced a solid amount of hair loss in the front part of my scalp in the past 9 months. I've been to the doctor several times concerned that there was an underlying health issue and everything was fine. After months of research I've finally decided to start using Rogaine Minoxidil and just got my first prescription for Finasteride. I've noticed in my research that a lot of people were complaining about Dr. Reddy's finasteride, the generic meds I was prescribed. I would love to have the name brand Propecia but my wallet is still screaming at me from all of the money I spent on transplants in the past. I just want a few years of a "normal" full head of hair in my lifetime, haha.

Since some of the posts are older regarding Dr. Reddy's finasteride, I wanted to ask again about what some have experienced (both good and bad). Like how much shedding did you experience and how long did it last. Anything would help and sorry for the long and depressing post, haha!