View Full Version : 17 yo receding?

09-03-2014, 03:17 AM
Hi, over the past couple of months I have became increasingly paranoid at the possibility of balding at 17. I never really noticed until a couple of people questioned me about receding which has obviously brought on my paranoia. I have always had a high hairline with a five head but I'm not sure if it's became anything worse.. My father isn't bald nor is my mums dad. My hair feels thin at my right temple (where I've always had this blonde tinted patch of hair) but my left temple feels perfectly fine.

It's stressful not knowing so I came to put myself at ease despite whether it may be receding or not.


09-03-2014, 05:01 AM
I'm sorry to say you are receding. However it doesn't necessarily mean that you're balding, because it could be a mature hairline. This is when your straight juvenile hairline recedes at the temples and front to become an adult hairline. So you might not recede or lose much more hair, but it's virtually impossible to tell. At the moment I would say you are receding though, because your hairline makes an in-cutting V-shape which is synonymous with recession. You do have genetics on your side if there is no hairloss in your family though, so you might stay at nw2 (which is what I believe you're at now) or nw3. So since you're nw2, I wouldn't say you're balding yet, so there's not much to worry about. However nw2 is usually a sign to watch out, just in case you do start balding towards an nw3. So the main advice I'd give to you, is to inform yourself on treatment and MPB, and be prepared if you recede further, because then you will have caught it early and it gives you the best chance of keeping your hair. In terms of treatment, I wouldn't suggest propecia atm, but if you do recede quite a bit further, then perhaps consider it at 18, but mainly just have it ready to use if hairloss begins, and you should be fine. You could try minoxidil and nizoral (which are 2 of the big 3, and propecia is the other), to try and thicken a few of the miniaturised hair, but mainly just try and educate yourself on treatments, check your hair now and again, and just be prepared to know what to do JUST IN CASE! But atm, you still have great hair, don't listen to people pointing out the hairline, most people will be worse in the future, perhaps try a new hairstyle to cover it up if you're paranoid, or grow your hair out. But just remember there are options, see if anything changes, be prepared and enjoy your hair, because it's still pretty good! Best of luck!

09-03-2014, 06:11 AM
Thanks for the reply, I'm definitely going to keep a close watch on it from now. You mention a 'straight juvenile hairline' which I don't believe I've ever had, from a kid I've always had a V shaped hairline though I don't know how severe it was. Waiting it out and being prepared like you said is most likely my best option right now, cheers again for the help!