View Full Version : Using Finasteride with only one fully functioning testicle....

09-02-2014, 10:30 AM
Hello, I am new here. I was born with a faulty testicle. It works at 30% capacity and is about 1/3 the size of my other, so I guess in a way I have 1.3 testicles. I'm wondering if any other users here are in a similar situation and how you reacted to Finasteride? If any doctors are on the board I would appreciate some info from them too. I have a bottle of Fin but I'm still too scared to take the plunge. I told the dermatologist about it but she didn't seem to really put much thought into it with a response of "ehhh it shouldn't really matter". My hairloss is rapidly increasing though, my scalp is beginning to be visible with dry hair under the right light. Any info will be appreciated, thanks!