View Full Version : Am I Balding Or Is This My Hair Line [Pics Included]

09-01-2014, 12:41 PM
So I've been noticing my hair has been receeding since I was 18 (now almost 20) but I'm unsure if this is simply my natural hairline or if I'm actually balding.

The reason I think this is that my hairline has barely changed in the past year or so, although is receeded to where it is now, it hasn't really changed TOO much since then, but it could just be slow.

Also, my uncle's (mother's brothers) are in their 50's with thin hair but none are completely bald, however my grandpa is totally bald.

Here are the pics, what do you think?

Also, should I take any action against this or will that make it worse?

I'm trying not to go down the Propecia route so am looking into RU and that other one CB or something.



For some reason the pics won't upload as they "exceed the bytes limit" how do I fix this?