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09-01-2014, 01:52 AM
Hello guys,

This is my first post. (I'm portuguese, so sorry about the english)
I've started fighting baldness 5 years ago, for the first 3 years I had a strange loss. In 2009, after the summer (late August/early September) I noticed a huge shedding, I was loosing about 500/700 hair per day. I decided to go to the dermatologist, and the doctor gave me Minoxidil 5mg... Then and after 2/3 months the shed was stable and my hair grew back. I did the treatment for 1 year.
Two years have passed from the first massive shed. I grew my hair long and decided to hit the gym, after one year of muscle weight on a daily basis I started to notice again a massive shed, this was in late August of 2012.
In October/November 2012 I started on Finasteride 1mg, in this almost 2 years on Fin, my hair grew a lot and the shed was almost nonexistent. I have a lot shorter now but a lot of more hair then I had back in 2009. But now I started to see some shed (70/100 hairs during shower and drying) when I comb my hair in early morning the first times I have always 17/20 hair sticked o it. I don't see much shed during the day, but everytime that I push my hair back I see 1/4 hairs in my hand. Once again I'm having a shed in late August/early September.

So a few questions:

// Am I becoming Finasteride tolerant?
// As I read around here and some other foruns, can this be a synchronized shed?
// Must have attention to what signs?

Sorry for the questions, but all the help is welcome! :)

09-03-2014, 05:10 AM
Hi guys,

Anyone that can help? Do you had any type of shedding during Finasteride? Is it normal?