View Full Version : How many grafts would this HT require? Is there an option for partial hair piece?

08-29-2014, 04:10 AM
In the picture you can see the ideal hairline I have to get. Why so aggressive? Because it will simply make the face more balanced and more attractive. The biggest drawback is not the temple recession in my case, it's the huge forehead. The hairline I designed is not immature, it's a clear widow's peak, yet reduces the size of forehead to a point where it is aesthetically pleasing and cool looking. The corners are sharp to balance my sharp facial features and eyebrows, round corners are look "old" on me and don't suit my face at all.

Choice of HT method: FUE.

Question: How many grafts approximately do you think this would require? I don't need it to be super thick, there is Toppik for that. I just need to frame my face and have hair where to put Toppik.

My hair loss is not aggressive, yet it is constant.

This is why I also thought that while I'm not getting the HT, maybe I could get a partial hair piece to cover the area shown in pictures to see how I would look with hair transplanted there and maybe just settle for using a hair piece for now (it is not wise to get HT under 30).

Thoughts? Ideas? Do any of you have experience with such hair pieces?

NOTE: My hair loss has been relatively stable and overall very slow. I went to current state starting from 2009, where I was about NW1 or NW1.5. My drug regimen is heavy enough to prolong the battle against hair loss and I think at 27 it is not the worst choice to get a FUE HT.


10-06-2014, 12:19 PM
I'm bumping it, because it is important for me and I want more feedback.