View Full Version : Hair Transplant Surgery by Dr. Feller Tue August 19, 2014 - My initials are A.M

08-26-2014, 05:58 PM
Tue August 19, 2014 was the surgery day at Dr. Feller clinic in Long Island NY. He performed the procedure and oversaw the whole procedure. The technician team were amazing putting me at ease, made me feel very comfortable! And sharing stories with me. Thanks to front desk Cathy and to the technician team Cathy, Carla, and the rest.

The night before I didn't get much sleep only about 3 hours I don't recommend that for any future patient. I arrived at 715am I was early and Dr. Feller came in at 730am greeted me, opened the clinic and showed me the restroom area. Dr. Feller took pictures of me at his office then we went to the surgery room with over 7 female technicians. The hardest part for me was the needle pinch from the anesthesia but soon I didn't feel nothing. However, the procedure was long so I got more needles. The female technician kept asking me if I feel any pain. I said no fearing the needle but she assured me it wont hurt. She called in Dr. Feller to put more anesthesia.

I am amazed to see my head with hair. I started thinning while I was in my twenties and it stopped in my late twenties now I am 32. I am glad I finally did it and I am very thankful to God then to the very kind, caring and understanding Dr Feller and his team!!!!!

After the surgery I was mentally exhausted. I am so shocked that finally I did this procedure and it means a lot to me!! Dr. Feller gave me 7 medical bills for pain. I only used one at the first day late afternoon after the surgery. The following days I didn't need it NO PAIN just sleeping was difficult discomfort because of the donor area also because sleeping while head elevated and on my back. Wed was the 2nd day swelling not showing yet. 3 day and 4th day no pain just swelling on my forehead and side of my face. 5th and 6th day no pain just swelling but now is below my eyebrows and below my eyes especially below my right eye.

The 7th day was Mon August 26 the swelling was gone. I am just feeling tightening on the lower area of the back of my head donor area no pain.
Still feeling sensation behind my head today is Tuesday the 8th day after the procedure. However, as Dr. Feller mentioned in one of his videos I should calm my mind and let the healing take its course. : )