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08-25-2014, 02:30 PM
Currently, I have stopped use of both Fin and Min. Fin did work for me as my hair loss stopped. I quit using it due to the after affects that we have all heard about. Mine, not a libido issue, but most definitely performance. We are talking, reduced volume, painful orgasms and lack of erections, and smaller size.
I had been using Min for several years after I stopped the Fin. It did nothing to regrow hair for me. Keep in mind, my hair loss is in the temples, regressing, and top, thinning. I used the liquid and the foam. Additionally, I noticed performance issues with it that I began to attribute to age, as I am 64. I have been off the Min for about 6 weeks now and I do notice a difference in my erections. They are returning to more historically normal conditions. Morning erections, erections in my sleep, erections when self stimulating. I hope they continue to improve to previous use of these chemicals levels.
This is just my experience. If somebody tells you that these substances do not affect these areas or your life, assume that may not be true for everybody.
Me, I had to give these a try. The Fin was the better of the two for hair loss, however, my thing is not the same size as it once was so be careful with what you do. Good luck out there.