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Limmer HTC
10-29-2009, 08:26 AM
This patient originally presented several years ago as a Norwood pattern 6 with a small residual frontal tuft. Multiple options were discussed and patient ultimately choose to undergo transplantation with the goal of becoming a Norwood 3V using somewhere between 3000-4000 grafts to accomplish his goal.

We initially performed ~3200 grafts reducing his pattern to a Norwood 3V. The series of photos show his progression over the first several years and he eventually came back to do additional work over his crown.

Three years later his options were again discussed. As he was happy being a Norwood 3V, crown was not a major concern and he wanted to limit the cost…he chose to move forward with only an additional 1500 grafts to cover the crown.

Presented are a series of photos including his pre op, immediate post op, 3 month post op, 10 months post op and a final set after he had fully grown out the transplants on his crown. In addition a photo of his healed donor is included.

I feel this case shows a nice progression made over time. It also shows that Norwood pattern 6s can be changed to pattern 3Vs with 3000-4000 grafts. But if you are planning to cover the entire scalp you are going to need 6000-8000 grafts depending on patients’ desired results and individual hair characteristics. So while he is happy and looks natural, I think he should have chose to do closer to 3000 grafts on the crown.

Brad Limmer, MD/jac

10-29-2009, 05:27 PM
I think this guy look very good and it shows that even someone with severe hair loss can improve their appearance taking a modest approach. One problem that I run into on the internet is that we always see the guys who go from bald to having a full head of hair, at least that’s what the advertisers want us to believe. I was looking at pictures on another forum today and it was ridiculous how fake they looked! This is realistic and looks very good!
Thank you for posting these Dr. Limmer!