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08-22-2014, 06:50 PM
Hello all,

I was taking propecia since I was 23 until 28. I decided to stop because of the side effects. I also cannot tolerate rogaine, my eyesight suffers from it. I use nizoral.

As you can see my hairloss is slowly taking all of my top real estate. Not sure if I should go for a HT now or wait until it falls out more? If I go for one will I be able to achieve full coverage? I don't really like the thin view, that is why I trim to .5

Any advice would be appreciated.

08-23-2014, 04:15 PM
How would you define " full coverage " ?

If you are expecting to have the same density of hair as when you were a teenager , I think your expectations are unrealistic

08-25-2014, 04:32 AM
Sure if you can explain the math at it makes sense to you.

Letís say you have about 50,000 hairs on top of your head where the hair loss pattern is starting to establish itself and 50,000 hairs in your donor area. What percentage of hair would you say you lost on top of your head? Would it be 50% leaving only 25,000 hairs? What can your donor yield max under the best conditions? With a strip maybe 25,000 hairs? But then you would not be able to shave your head. What about FUE what is the max you can extract from the donor maybe 15,000 hairs? So if you get a transplant now and let us say you add the max with FUE and add 15,000 hairs what happens if you end up losing the rest of your hair in that pattern? Will the 15,000 hairs be planted where it makes sense like maybe connecting the lateral humps and adding hair to the forelock area without really establishing a definite hairline and leaving the crown bald or will you have 15,000 hairs in your hairline or some other type of design?

If you were able to explain the numbers and what you plan on doing with those numbers it would probably be easier to comment. But as of right now itís hard to determine your expectations.

You will never have 100,000 hairs again on your head with current technology and could very well end up with 50,000 or less in your donor. The less donor available the less you have to work with. As that number goes down depending on your hairloss pattern the plan needs to change. If you end up with only 30,000 hairs left you now have about 10,000 hairs left for something like fue. How do you plan 10,000 hairs where there once were 70,000 hairs. Have a long term plan that makes sense and be able to explain it. Once you can explain it then you might be ready. If you cannot explain then you are not ready.