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08-22-2014, 01:27 PM
Coming along at six months. Some increased density on top at this early stage of growth. Our patient is very happy. Most of the grafts were placed in the frontal area. When he returned to work 10 days after surgery, there was only a slight pinkness. The ACell/PRP helped the areas in the back where no grafts were placed. Now there is only a small area of thinning visible in the back rather than the beginning of a Norwood 6 pattern of miniaturization that was visible before his surgery. His donor looks great in person and everything looks 100% natural.

As a side note, six days ago we had Dr. Hans Heinicke visiting us from Spain and Dr. Cole wanted to demonstrate beard hair extraction. I (Chuck, AKA 35YrsAfter) was the patient. I hate needles so I get nervous and if I drink coffee before surgery, I sometimes get dizzy because it gives the epinephrine a ramp. The surgery in reality is so easy on the patient. I can't seem to get that through my head and still get a little anxious. In addition to that, I was on standby for jury duty 6 days after surgery. I don't like being seen in public with dots on the top of my head. Dr. Cole scored 300 beard grafts with a .8mm punch. The nurse placed AmnioFix gel on the extraction sites. I didn't need any pain killers, in fact, Dr. Cole had a deadline for a video and he and I were at the office until 11:00 PM that night editing, exporting and uploading a video. Busy day... 48 hours later, I scrubbed the beard area with a warm wash cloth and and the area looked a little pink and that was it. The scabs at the recipient area came off after 5 days. I sprayed them with ATP and H2Ocean. One of our patients benefitted from my surgery by having his mind put at ease seeing my healing at 6 days post-op.

The following photos are of our patient I mentioned in the first paragraph and are not me:


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