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08-20-2014, 07:34 PM
Hey everybody,

I'm Jay, when my hairline started receding I didn't even notice until I was 18 and didn't realize I was going bald until about 20. By looking at old pics of myself it looks like my hairline started receding around 14 or 15. I've been using fin on and off since about 22 and surprisingly I still have a lot of hair left. I can style and hide it pretty well and sometimes I wear a hat, not to hide my head, but because I don't feel like styling it and I like the way I look with a hat.

I lurk here from time to time and notice a lot of you are self conscious about your hair loss and worried about women and I honestly don't think having a full head of hair will solve your problem. I say this because for a long time I thought it affecting my dating. I attract a lot of overweight women and some very undesirable women. Every once in a while I'll get one who's kinda cute, but for the most part if she's remotely attractive, she's not interested. Well when I started wearing a hat, It didn't really make much difference. I didn't get too many more girls eyeing and being flirty with me. What I'm trying to say is that guys with good hair are having a hard time as well. Unless you're really good looking, like 7+ you're not gonna get women flocking to you by the heards. You guys have to understand, the single women of today are extremely picky and only have eyes for the best looking men. I don't know if any of you check the dating sites? Well I've done it off and on for a while and every time I reactivate my account, I see the same girls on there. I'm talking a year later. These girls have been single for a long time and the reason being is they don't think anybody's good enough for them. BBWs throw themselves at me and girls that are kinda cute throw themselves at some Bradley Cooper looking dude. I see everyday, that's just the way it is.

Well here are some pics of me, I think I'm fairly good looking and hat or no hat I've always had problems finding women that aren't twice my size. I know a hair transplant will probably fix my receding hairline and yes it'll look better, but I think the difference with the ladies will be marginal.

If any of you disagree with me. Try wearing hat for a while and see if it makes any difference.

08-20-2014, 07:45 PM
Sorry not all of them posted.

06-18-2016, 10:04 AM
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