View Full Version : Head shape, Forehead size, Nose shape all cannot be fixed with hair transplant...

08-20-2014, 02:31 PM
Just realized that a hair transplant will not fix the following issues:

1. Head shape and size. It doesn't look attractive at all.

2. Forehead size: From pictures, literally I feel like my forehead size is huge.

3. Nose is not refined and sharp.

So, even if I get a hair transplant, I can't change those, except for rhinoplasty. So, while I might frame the face, the other problems still exist.

Makes me think that I should just accept life and move on.

It's funny how some days I am super depressed, and other days I think logically.

08-20-2014, 03:11 PM
My friend, we are all our own worst critics. I'm sure you heard it a thousand times but it's true. I think the same about my nose, my complexion, my forehead, my body, and any other human fault I have. You know how I cope though? I try to have a witty personality, do interesting things that I enjoy and tell people about them, tell jokes, and try to be a nice and interesting guy in general. It doesn't always work out, some people still judge you by how you look no matter who you are, but fu*k them. Try to live life to the fullest, but believe me it still sucks being the only guy in high school who is a NW3. I'm still one of the most popular guys in my school now because I've managed to get over my low self confidence and finally started being myself and said screw what everyone else thinks. I still want my hair back, I still want to improve my appearance, but until then I'm going to keep doing my thing. I think you should do the same. That's just my two cents and I wish you the best.