View Full Version : Need suggestion about taking Finasteride

08-19-2014, 11:38 PM
Hi everyone, I am planning to have hair transplantation in next month. I am 30 and MPB of NW3a. I'll be getting married later this year so I'm really concerned about taking Finasteride post surgery. As I've heard it will affect libido and causing lesser erection. Is it's affect permanent or If I stop taking the medicine will it come back to normal?

On the other hand if I don't take it hair growth would be 15-35% lesser after the surgery. Is there any alternate medicine that has the same result without the side effects? I'm in a great dilemma :( . Please guys help me out on this with your feedback.

08-22-2014, 02:26 PM
There seems to be a viewpoint held by a significant number of men that the sexual side-effects from taking low dose finasteride is imperative. That's simply not true. Yes there is always the chance that it may happen but it is still a much smaller percent of the base.

We all respond differently to medications whether they are for treating MPB or other medical conditions. The men who do experience sexual side-effects have the dosage and/or frequency of ingestion adjusted by their doctor and a fair number of those men experience success in lowering or diminishing the side-effects. And yes, many men who stop taking the medication do resume normal functioning once the active ingredient leaves their body.

Because we are lay people here and not licensed physicians, we cannot give you any medical advice however we can offer you opinions such as suggesting that you try low dose finasteride to see how you respond. It is however always highly recommend that you do so under the advice and supervision of a licensed physician. I continue to see too many men who just jump online and purchase finasteride without first being examined and diagnosed for MPB by their doctor. I am not implying that you would do this but just a word of caution.

You can always discuss the possibility of starting the medication at a lower or more infrequent basis to start with to slowly introduce the med to your system. You can possibly start by taking it every other day or ever third day and if you do not experience any side-effects, then your doctor can bring you up to the daily recommended dosage and strength at 1mg per day.

To date, only finasteride or even dutasteride is proven to effectively inhibit the source of genetic hair loss which is DHT.

Minoxidil can improve hair caliber and even stimulate new growth however it does not inhibit DHT.

Only Propecia and Rogaine are the two FDA approved medications in the US for treating MPB.

And by the way, congrats on your upcoming wedding...;)