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08-19-2014, 08:58 AM
Hello I posted a similar post in the transplant section but am not getting any responses and thought maybe it would be more appropriate here. I had a FUT procedure in January 2013 at a small, not very reputable place in Colorado where they transplanted ~1600 grafts. I had the trichophytic closure technique as well. The physician doing the strip harvest was an anesthesiologist, and the person placing the grafts was a lady nurse, who said she had been doing this for 15 years and trained with Bosley himself. everythign seemed to go well at the time. I did have a lot of breakouts at the recipient sites in the months after the procedure, sometimes with painful purulent cysts, and even requested that the doctors prescribe me a Rx for antibiotic at one point which they did. Anyhow, it has been around 17 months now so my results shoudl be fully realized and I cant decide if I am just unrealistic about the procedure, or if the results were not that great, (or both). I was taking propecia before and after the procedure but stopped for about 6 months (from about January 2014 (a year after procedure) until about May 2014 when I started noticing that I was loosing hair. Also restarted minoxidil as well. I have experienced what I hope is shedding since May from the minoxidil and propecia which has made my problem worse. The problem is that there seems to be a lot of what I call Pock marks where the hairs were placed at the front of my hair line, and the hair is not really thick enough to cover them without doing a comb forward (comb over from front to back). The pock marks and the FUT scar are both large enough and noticeable enough that I cannot go back to just shaving my head. The procedure itself seemed to cause me to loose a lot of hair as well ie shock loss, and I regrew some of those hairs but I think a lot of them did not reqrow as they they were destined to fall out anyhow. I am left with an unnatural frontal hairline with lots of pock marks, very thin behind that, and then thicker hair at the crown.
Is this pock marking normal for a transplant and can it be corrected in some way? it seems as though there is scar tissue where the hairs were placed. I cant decide if I should move forward and try and have a second larger procedure to thicken up my hair in order to cover up the scarring, or if it will just make things worse. I am also considering having an FUE to cover the FUT scar. Can anyone weigh in on these issues?

Here are my pics. I dont have before pictures but these are from a day ago.


08-19-2014, 10:58 AM
I am a recent hair translplant recipient but not new to issues. When I first started having a hair loss problem there were no good solutions and the best that was recommended to me by a dermatologist was to skip the surgeries and get a hair unit. Needless to say the options have improved. I reviewed your pictures and the first comment is there is not enough picture to evaluate your outcome. The second comment I have is your expectations are unrealistic. You had a minimal transplant procedure and there is obviously more to do.
Here is another important point that most people really don't get. People are not all that observant! They focus on facades and the phenomenology as opposed to reality. This essentially means people tend to see you the way they want to. In thirty years of wearing hair units I was amazed how few people could recognize it. Ofcoarse, the important people knew but you would be amazed at what people don't see. This translates to you in that your appearance is a work in progress. You should get with a reputable and certified doctor to proceed. You should also continue with the medication for the reasons you pointed out. Finally, and I say this to myself as well, you must be reasonable in your expectations.
My doctor, Dr. Charles, did not present any false hope. I do not expect a miracle. He outlined what he could do and what to expect. A good doctor will do that. So stop worrying so much and let the pros do their job; just make sure you are dealing with a pro.