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08-18-2014, 07:45 PM
Hello all,
Let me begin by saying that I am extremely grateful that this forum exists. Ill try to make this short but include pertiennt details. So I started balding at about 25 years old, which was a diffuse pattern. Im not super comfortable with the norwood scaling but I will say that I had a much thicker peninsula in the very front, and then thinning hair around it. I started taking propecia at 29 years old, and also using 5% minoxidi which seemed pretty effective in slowing, and even regrowing some hair. I felt as though I was just on the "edge" of having basically a pretty normal head of hair with those treatments, or at least acceptable enough when I shaved it. I had a nice shaped head and shaved my head pretty close for years to minimize the appearance and I felt that I looked pretty good, I had a benign tumor in the back of my head as a 15 year old and so had a large scar int he back that always made me a bit self conscious , but aside from that I looked pretty good with a shaved head. I still felt as though I missed my hair, and looked too bald and my Gf was always trying to get me to grow it out. In the end I buckled and tried growing my hair back out but it looked pretty ridiculous. Much thicker on the sides and I pretty much had to do a "comb forward", and use topik to cover things up. Long story short in my second year of residency I began researching hair transplant options. I was 33 at the time.
I ended up going with a cheaper, newer place where I was able to get a very cheap price and getting FUT with 1600 grafts taken from the back and placed in the front. I have always had a high hair line and a widows peak, and for some reason the transplant person lowered my hair line about a centimeter lower than it was before I lost my hair, and also eliminated my widows peak. In addition I feel that I experienced a lot of "pock mark" type of scarring in the front where the hairs were placed. I was also very concerned that I was experiencing libido problems with the propecia and so stopped for about 6 monhts and then started to notice that my baldness was progressing. I have since restarted the propecia and minoxidil, but I feel like at this point I have to do a terrible comb forward in order to just cover the scarring and transplanted hairs in the front, and that I am thinning enough that the whole thing just looks ridiculous. I Had the procedure done in January of 2013. My current GF calls it the "3 stooges look". I honestly am extremely uncomfortable with it, and think it looks much worse than before I even had the transplant. I cant shave my head now because I now have 2 scars int he back of my head, one from my eosinophilic granuloma (cancer) and the other from the FUT. The FUT was done with the "trichophytic closure technique" but if I were to shave it down it would be completely obvious. also the pock scarring in the front is very noticeable in any amount of light. I am almost more self conscious about the pock scarring in the front than anyting else. I had also stopped the minoxidil because it was causing a lot of breakout on my scalp but started that and the propecia back about 3.5 months ago and feel like I experienced a moderate amount of shedding over the summer because of this.

So now on to my questions. I am going to post pictures but my questions are;
1) is the pock scarring normal?
2) is there any way that the pock scarring can be corrected or minimized?
3) should I proceed with another transplant procedure or will another procedure be feasible to increase density?
4) is it possible to get a FUE transplant to just correct the FUT scar, (assuming pock scarring can be corrected) so that I can just go back to shaving my head?

I feel like my hair line was lowered enough, and was not made thick enough, and so the results is a very unnatural whispy frontal hairline that I cannot cover withouth a terrible comb forward.

Please any advice is greatly appreciated as I seriously have developed a phobia of going out without a hat, feel like my relationship is falling apart due to my depression and anxiety surrounding this, and am too uncomfortable to really do anything without a hat.....

08-18-2014, 08:04 PM
Here are the pics. I tried to make the room as bright as possible to show the true results, but I still feel like they dont really show just how thin my hair is and how pronounced the pocks are...

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08-20-2014, 01:49 PM
I think making the room as bright as possible doesn't help with taking pictures as it's hard to make anything out, the pictures are a bit blurry really, could you take some better clearer pictures?

If you just want to return to a normal balding chap, then fue into the scar and maybe fraxel laser or using a derma roller on the recipient would help.

08-21-2014, 05:09 PM
Pock mark scarring is not normal and its a sign of poor work, you did say you decided to take the cheap route. Not too sure why someone would do that with all the available information on hair transplantation today along with all the horror stories but you got the cheap result, live and learn. It's not too bad so that's a positive.

You might be able to do something with lasers as far as the pock mark scarring but there are no guarantees.

You should probably proceed with a repair as some patients are not very well equipped to mentally deal with the bad outcome of a cheap choice and it could easily destroy your personal relationships. My advice to you here would be to just keep it to yourself, work out a plan and do not obsess about the situation. If you obsess you are heading for trouble. Lose the hatits not that bad and you are going to develop a crutch. Much better to become mentally stronger now.

You will more than likely never be able to shave your head even with fue into the scar. Maybe cut it fairly short but only so much can be done with a scar as it can be raised, indented etc and light will reflect differently on it regardless of any hair stubble.

You need to probably spend at least 1-2 years to learn more about the procedure and the industry itself otherwise you could very well end up digging an even deeper hole. Not taking this advice is like not taking the advice many are given to not take the cheap choice but the best choice.

You best bet in my opinion would be to fix the hairline and frontal 1/3 to look a bit more natural and then be done with it. Dont waste any more donor then you need to at this time.