View Full Version : If Everclear Isn't Available, What Can I Mix RU58841 In? (& KB Question..)

08-18-2014, 03:45 PM
Hey guys, I've done my homework but I figured I'd run this buy some of you guys who have successful prepared non-minoxidil RU solutions.

Unfortunately 190 proof Everclear isn't sold in my state and driving 4.5 hours to get a bottle isn't my favorite option.

Anywho, can I just mix it up in this (and add the PG)?
(it's 190 proof)

Or this (and add the PG?) -
(it's 200 proof)

I would assume either of these would be okay - but I wanted to check with you guys.

Also - what is the full name for "KB Solution"? Is it something I can purchase in a gallon size?

Thank you in advance