View Full Version : Singapore HT surgeon

10-28-2009, 09:11 AM
Hi guys, been reading up in the forum, and just curious abt something. Seems that the doctos recommended all reside in the states. How about surgeons in Asia? or specifically Singapore? From all the horror stories i read of, it seems that HT is nearly a fail-proof method of regaining some crowning glory, but the surgeon is the key... if so, any recommendations for guys staying half a globe away? Imagine flying 10+ hrs to a strange place to make one of the most important decisions in ur life! and not to mention the follow up! will be a big issue! There are a couple of surgeons performing HT in S'pore but none belong to the IAHRS ( obviously ! )

Anyone care to give some comments or advice? Especially the recommended doctors from IAHRS!

Oh, and the docs here recommend Omnigraft FUE. Is Omnigraft same as Neograft? The last time i saw, Dr Feller was not too opened to this idea due to the 3 factors... just wanted to know of any comments or progress or results seen from this Omnigraft / Neograft FUE technique