View Full Version : Dr Cooley 2,612 grafts at two years

Jerry Cooley, MD
08-12-2014, 05:11 AM
I presented this case at 5 months and am now reposting with two year results. The patient is in his early forties with 3A loss. We performed 2,612 FU grafts (1-417, 2-1,336, 3-716, 4-143; 5,809 hairs). We simultaneously performed PRP+ACell treatment and used ACell on the grafts, and liposomal ATP spray post op. He had early robust growth. Not all patients grow in at this rate but we are seeing more of them with our 'bio-enhanced' protocol. Most of our patients are unable to shave any area as they need to get back to work in a week or so. He's loving the new 'Fabio' look!