View Full Version : Minoxidil Experiment

08-09-2014, 07:09 AM
Right, I'm not sure if anybody has done this before but here's what I'm proposing to do.

So far I have been using Finasteride for 6 months and Regenepure Shampoo for 2 months. I have not experienced any positive results thus far.

I have purchased 12 months supply of Minoxidil but I didn't want to just start using it straight away. As Spencer Kobren has mentioned, if you do actually start to get positive results, how do you know which medication is doing it?

I still want to give Fin a bit of time to hopefully turn things around (I'm not holding my breath) but I also want to give everything a try before I throw in the towel and give in to hair loss. At least then then you can say at least you tried to save your hair... what more can you do?

So, I am planning to add Minoxidil to my regimen. However, I'm only going to apply it to the right side of my scalp - mainly at the right temple. The temples are where I suffer most loss.

At the moment, the recession and loss is perfectly equal on both sides of my scalp so it will be interesting to see if the right side shows more improvement than the left. If it does, then it's safe to say Minoxidil is doing a job and I will happily use it over the rest of the scalp.

If I just start applying it all over the scalp and get positive results then who know's which product is doing the job!?? Fin may have started to kick in for example.

Conversely, if my right side gets worse (I am aware of shedding so will ride out and give Minox a fair go) then I know it was a good idea not to apply it all over the scalp.

I'll keep updating this thread over the coming months and let you know what my findings are - if indeed anyone is interested.