View Full Version : What version of rogaine/minoxidil would suit me? [[Recent transplant - Pics Inside]]

08-07-2014, 12:07 AM
Hey guys (first off thank you all for your past help, it means a lot!).

To my question! I recently had a transplant (just over 3 weeks ago, approximately 3000 grafts), pics:


Just start fin (splitting proscar into 4). The pic above is to show my (untouched) crown area which had nothing transplanted to it.

I want to start taking Minoxidil because apparently it may help with the crowning area. My questions are:

1) What version of Minoxidil would you recommend? I prefer the foam as apparently the liquid could exacerbate my dandruff problem which I need to control, so which foam would you recommend? Which brand? Which %?

2) Should I use the above just on my crown? Or should I also apply it to my newly implanted grafts? Where would it best suit me to use the foam?

3) What's the best place to find the above? I live in Canada but can easily travel to the US if need be. Is there a cheaper but just as good of a brand to Rogaine available that you'd recommend? Any do-not-do's I should keep in mind?

That's all, thank you!

08-09-2014, 01:56 PM
Just gonna bump this, hope you guys don't mind ;)