View Full Version : 26 year old- From Hair Systems to Propecia to just using Rogaine

08-06-2014, 08:33 PM
Hi all,

This is my first post on this site though I've browsed this site for years reading about many of you and your stories. It's great to see people who are going through hair loss discuss it and be so positive to each other.

A little about me.. I'm 26 years old, probably a norwood 5. When I was 25 I was out of options, I didn't have much money and I was balding rapidly. I randomly spotted a hair system ad and clicked on it. I was amazed and thought all my problems would soon be going away. Well, I wore that for 3 months and realized I could never live my life with the paranoia of wearing a hair system. It wasn't for me and my life was filled with worries, that I'm sure hair system wearers can relate to! I decided to take the hair system off and buzz my head with a #1 razor. I was worried of what friends would think or do but everyone was very reasonable upon me explaining it all which was nice. That was my hair system phase.

Soon after that I really dived into researching hair transplants, I read up and saw several posts of recommendations for young men like myself. So I got prescribed Propecia and was praying that I would be one of the lucky ones who didn't experience side effects. Sadly I did experience some. My erection wasn't as hard and I started only having tiny ejaculations which were very watery. So after 30 days, I got off of it as it seemed I was being affected. I don't regret it though and I got back to normal within several days of stopping the medication. It was a disappointing day as I felt like my shot at a head of hair in the future was no longer going to be an option. I have since been on the Rogaine 5% foam hoping it helps with my crown and keeping hair there. Hoping when I do have the funds for my hair transplant, that the Rogaine medication will help me maintain my hairloss or at least help a tiny bit.

But I did want to thank the regular posters. As most of the advice they have posted on here has really helped me educate myself (especially Joe Tillman & I believe its Eagle Eye username as well). I am in the process of saving up for a hair transplant and when I do eventually get one, I'll be sure to post my progress on here to help the next guy. As all of you people have given me hope, educated me and have let me know I'm not alone with my hair loss problems.