View Full Version : RU situation need help

08-06-2014, 08:32 PM
So ive been on ru for months now, id say about 7 months and its been great. Definitely not a cheap endeavor but none the less its been great.

However all of suddenly started shedding more than usual. Its been like a week. And its driving me crazy. Along with that, came an old sensation, where its like icy hot without the icy part on my scalp. Whenever i get those i know first, whatever im using is not working and secondly, im losing hair.

Ive always have had two orders of ru at the same time to avoid a situation where customs or slow shipping can have me not use ru for a while.

Anyways i figured maybe the ru went bad so i used my other order and it still doesn't work. I keep them in the freezer and everything.

Im completely lost and have no idea what to do. Im going to lose so much hair the coming days and im just confused.

Daily amount of ru is 150mg for me. I thin all over the head. Decided to double ru to 30mg for **** sakes and see what would happen and it still didnt work. Not only am i left with paperweight but im losing hair that has been growing+maintained with ru+minox. :mad::( fml

Im going to buy another batch and see, if not my only option is going to jump on fin.:(:(:(