View Full Version : Rogaine: Shedding and Long-Term Use

08-06-2014, 04:37 PM
Hi everyone, a question about Rogaine:

Rogaine somehow re-aligns the "clocks" of all the follicles to a single starting point, which explains the initial shedding that is widely reported.

However, suppose you've survived the initial shedding. Now, all the hairs start together and shed together, so correct me if I'm wrong, there will be multiple (not just one) shedding phases as all the hair goes through the same cycle? If so, what is the period between these events? 1-2 years, 3-4 years?

So, long-term use of Rogaine will be punctuated by severe and visible hair loss because, unlike nature's intended way of staggered shedding, all the hairs will fall out at once, and possibly from the same place?

Is this analysis wrong? Of course, Rogaine does other things (e.g. improves blood supply to the follicles), but its clock-resetting behavior could lead to periodic severe shedding?

I've read posts where patients are encouraged to set aside their concerns and survive the initial bout of shedding, but will there be future ones? And are these periods apparent not just to the person, but to those around him -- all that shedding does in fact lead to very visible hair loss?