View Full Version : can Micropigmentation interfer with future treatments?

08-06-2014, 03:48 AM
Hello Everyone,

i am thinking of having micro-pigmentation this year..

The question is, do you think micro-pigmentation can interfere with future treatments? I would liek to hear ur opinions..

08-06-2014, 04:10 AM
LOL, what future treatments ?

08-06-2014, 04:41 AM
I doubt it. I've had it before & the pigmentation only lasts a year or so. I also started taking minx/fin 6 months after the treatment &my hair & density thickened in and around the micro pigmentation.

Recently I had a HT to fill in the remaining gaps & the growth was very good. In this regard I doubt it would interfere at all with future treatments.

08-06-2014, 05:18 AM
oh, thank you very much for that answer!