View Full Version : Thinning or something stress related?

08-05-2014, 01:07 PM
Hey everyone. I'm a 26 year old male from the UK.

Late last year I got a terrible haircut from somewhere as I didn't have the car to drive to my normal place. It was really uneven and she thinned the hell out of it. So when the next time I went back to my regular hairdresser she took it very short to get rid of the mess that was created by the previous person.

The next day I went on a day out and some photos were taken, I noticed my hair was really patchy in places and since then I can't un see it.

The funny thing is I'm actually doing Barbering at college and I'm almost finished. What I've learnt (and is common knowledge) is in most cases when you go bald you either thin at the crown or your hairline goes back.

With my hair neither is the case, my hairline is still as strong as ever and my crown is super dense. The only annoying this is near the front of my head I do have quite a thin section. I do have very fine, straight hair which I've been told can play tricks on your mind depending on the light and the angle it grows but I don't know how true this is. I've done some research and apparently there is something called "telogen effluvium" which from what I've read is caused by many things including, diets, medicine and stress. This can cause thinning in random areas, similar to alopecia. It hopefully should grow back.

I've actually been on and off a diet over the past few year and have lost 70b. Also towards the end of last year (to be fair, after this photo was taken) went through a family death and I've had a very stressful year.

So what I'm trying to say is do you guys think I'm going bald or do you think it is something else? If I am i'm not as fussed as some people as I used to shave my head anyway and I think I quite suit it, but I would still rather have hair.

The first picture was Oct last year, second was the start of this year and the other was very recent.

I would like to say that whenever I've shown the first picture to anyone they've said my hair looks no where near that bad in real life, but I can see my scalp a little even when my hair is dry. My mother and fathers have pretty good hair, no one is bald FYI.

Thanks in advance.