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08-05-2014, 09:48 AM
Hey guys!

08-05-2014, 09:51 AM
Sorry, here it is!

I've been posting twice here to share my doubts/concerns about hair loss. I thought I might come back to tell you how it's been after 9 months on Finasteride. I really just want to share my story, thought some of you might be in the same situation.

So just to quickly introduce myself, (and sorry for my bad english it's not my mother tongue) I've always had a "hole" on the top of my head and my friends used to make fun of it even before highschool, comparing me to some priest or whatever. I was around 13-14 back then and I'm now 28. All my friend are teasing me with this sometimes, but I never had a comment from a girl, I tend to think that guys are more attentive to this.

I know that by seeing the pictures some of you will think that I'm lucky to have an "almost" full head of hair at my age, but as you know it's just concerning about the future, with the recurrent questions such as :

- Will I be bald at 35?
- When will everyone notice by bald patch?
- Is it well hidden today?
- **** this hairy prick, he doesn't know how lucky he is!

Anyways, it was never really a huge concern until I broke up with my girlfriend almost 2 years ago. I never had a problem with ladies, being quite successful actually. After we broke up, I had sex with over 10 girls in one year (including a few very, very hot ones), and actually today this very same ex-girlfriend I broke up with is coming back to me. So let's say it hasn't ruined my self confidence, but I started taking care of it. Taking medicine, eating properly, taking a few pills with yeast etc. I'm just scared to death that the situation might evolve at some point. Whenever I see a hair on my keyboard I freak out.

But one problem is that I always ask myself questions on the fact that I'm going bald or not : I do see that "bald patch" but reassure myself saying it's a big cowlick. My friends do tease me from time to time, but no later than 6 days ago an ex-girlfriend told me about her balding friends saying how lucky I was (awkward moment!!). Another example was the last time I went to see a (bald) dematologist who told me he wasn't sure I was even losing my hair by pulling them "You just seem not to have a lot of hair, it's the way it's implanted". And another example, 3 months ago, when my hairdresser actually told me "you have a lot of hair!!" which I still don't know what to think about today.

I've never seen anybody with that kind of hair in the big city where I live in and still hold on to the hope that yeah, I'll probably lose them but hopefully when I'll be 40. That's why I'm on Fina + Minox. I'm also taking care of my body in order to at least have something for me at that time, like a lot of you guys.

I'm lucky to have a very good job and to almost have a 6 figure salary at my age so I'm also thinking 'hey why not have a hair transplant at some point?' I think that I'm also going to be 30 soon enough, and I'm starting to want to have kids and shit. By then, I hope this hair issue will be a ****ing detail for me and that I will stop to act like a little shit thinking only about how I look.

Anyways, here are a few picks so you can see what I'm talking about. They have been taken under a heavy light, I'm not cheating.

Here is my face, first how it looks normally, then pulled back.

Left and right, pulled back. I don't think it's really thinning, maybe a bit mature, what do you think? Also notice how the hair around my ear is kind of thin, you can see my scalp. Not really the region where it should be balding...

And finally, where it hurts. Again consider the fact that it has been taken just under a heavy light so it doesn't look like this all the time! However, let's be honest, it looks way worst if I don't comb my hair this way, if I pull them on the front you'll clearly see that "big cowlick" which has the form of a horizontal line (and not a circle)

This is how it looks at daylight

And this is how it can look like when my hair is clean

The way they look really depends not only on the light but on how I comb them, if they are clean or not etc... So it kind of changes everyday.

So guys, any advice? Any similar stories to share?

07-06-2016, 09:10 PM
No reply in two years wow! Man if you're still around i think you're fine. You have a wonderful job and looks like you have some looks so worse comes get FUE. Good luck with all!