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07-31-2014, 08:42 AM
It's been a couple of years since I have logged in so hi again and thanks to all for your answers. I had my 5th non-fue transplant with Dr. Sara Wasserbauer a little over two years ago. The 1,300 grafts grew in pretty well and I think she is a great surgeon. I'm now finding myself needing a little hairline work as my hair is dark and over the years most of my native hair has fallen out. Back when I had my some of my native hair it blended in with the grafts but now that the native is virtually gone, the grafts are starting to show. I should also mention that prior to Dr Wasserbauer, my four procedures were done though Bosley and I have some pretty ugly donor scars and while they pretty much placed only 1's and twos in my frontal area, the hair is very thick and I suspect my HT is starting to become more obvious now that the thinner native hair is no longer there to help hide the grafts.

I'm thinking I should get about 1,000 grafts. Perhaps 600 or so tinny grafts to strengthen my hairline and since i'm just a little thin in the anterior mid scalp perhaps 400 hundred or so 2's and 3's And finally maybe 100 or so grafts in the donor area(this was left over from Bosley and was not one of Dr Sara's scars but i'm thinking rather than revising it, it might make more sense to just though some grafts in there as I have to keep my hair at least an inch and a half long in the back to conceal this.

I was naturally going to go back to Dr Sara but I'm in the Boston area and would rather get something done on the east cost. I also would like to see if I could get this done by FUE for a quicker recovery time. I don't know if it would be feasible to do 1,000 or so grafts without shaving my head though. I would really like to avoid this as Bosley left two donor scars for each HT so I have 8 donor scars.

Based on what my hair looks like would anyone else like to chime in? I think 800-1000 grafts should be more than enough to fix my hairline and leave a few hundred to fill in my thinning Anterior mid scalp. Would like to do Fue without shaving but don't know if that can be done needing this many grafts.

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07-31-2014, 01:12 PM
I have to say overall, (perhaps with the exception of the hairline) your hair looks terrific, so congrats! Especially if you've been losing native hair. I'm guessing the 1300 grafts was what helped the most. Your hairline still doesn't look too bad, but I could see why you'd want it done for the loss of native hair or for lowering. I would say if you're comfortable with that number of grafts and it's recommended then go for it. If you really wanted to get rid of the scars as well, perhaps you could get a small fue to cover them, but again maybe you'd want to use the grafts to cover the mid scalp. In terms of unshaven fue, it's definitely possible, especially considering you're only having a small area worked with. Usually it's with larger areas that the recipient site needs to be shaved. Although it also depends on the doctor, so your best bet would be to find out if your doctor does unshaven fue. Also I'm not sure if you're on it, but have you also considered medication to prevent the fall of native hair? Nevertheless, if you're sure about the hairline grafts and there won't be any repercussions , then go for it and whatever you decide, it looks like you can get a good result, so good luck! Out of curiosity can I also ask what age and nw you were when you got your first transplant?

08-03-2014, 08:34 AM
Thanks for your reply! I actually had my first HT at 31 and got the following four over about 12 years. I was far from bald and probably only have a little more hair now then at 3I except the overall area is thinner now. I pretty much just kept up with my progression so there was really no noticeable change over the years and many that know me don't know i've hand anything done. I agree I have little to complain about as far as how much hair I have i'm just concerned that the grafts are becoming obvious which defeats purpose of seeking treatment in the first place. As far as meds, I had been using avodart and rogaine for several years but the avodart was causing ED issues(I know it's sad but I was willing to put up with this rather than lose more hair) and I finally decided that in my forties not to take something that i'm not even sure was helping but sure was doing some harm. I gave up on the Rogaine as the application twice per day was getting tedious for something that I was not even sure was even helping. It's been about six months since stopping both these treatments and I'm not even sure i've lost any hair. But I think it's safe to say that having stopped these both for about six months would mean that what ever native hair they were preserving has fallen out by now.