View Full Version : Starting nizoral after already using rogaine

07-29-2014, 10:24 PM
Hello all. I've been using Rogaine for roughly a little over 2 months (Kirkland 5% liquid minox to be exact), once a day before bed solely on my hairline. I've seen pretty significant regrowth on my hairline and barely lose any hair anymore. I would also like to start Nizoral now though to help stop some of the DHT.

I typically wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner once or twice a week really. Otherwise I just rinse with cold water and style it. My hair doesnt look too greasy. I've never had a dandruff problem, even when putting the minox in. I'm afraid that I'm going to dry out my scalp since I dont actually have dandruff, as well as possibly shed off all my new minox hairs now that they're finally growing in. Is either of those likely? I ordered 1% nizoral, and would probably use it twice a week at max, first washing with normal shampoo and then letting the nizoral sit in for a couple of minutes.

My goal is just to freeze frame my hairloss, but I don't want to lose my minoxidil hairs. Theyre still small and short and would probably need a few more months before they blend in with the rest of my hair. Should also mention when I started rogaine I honestly didn't shed much at all

EDIT: Didn't want to spotlight it but I should probably mention I'm only 17. I was definitely a NW2 and my derm agreed and said I could start rogaine if I wanted. She also agreed on not using propecia because I'm still very much going through puberty. I'm not ruling it out, but not for the next few years at least.