View Full Version : Any luck re-growing miniaturized temple hairs? Please share

07-29-2014, 04:45 AM
Anybody had any joy re-growing temple hair?

I have miniaturized hairs at both my temples. Presently, I take 1mg of finasteride each day (started just over a year ago). While I'm sure my hair loss would be much worse without it, the miniaturized hairs at my temples have remained the same length for nearly a year.

I've thought of trying minoxidil. But from what I've read elsewhere, it has variable results at best, and little to no success in improving the hairline.

I gather that temple hairs are nigh impossible to re-grow, but I'm just wondering if someone, somewhere has had some success and, if so, what was it that you used. Please share your insight with everyone.


08-04-2014, 05:21 AM

I would suggest staying with the Propecia and hope for the best. I have been taking Propecia solidly for 18 months and the small hairs are slowly but surely growing. I wear my hair in a quiff fashion with the aid of Dermmatch along the hairline to strengthen those little hairs and it gives me a straight, unreceded hairline. Propecia has completely restored my hairline but the dermmatch just gives me the added security.

If you should require anymore information about purchasing and application please give me a shout!

All the best!

Peter Parker

08-04-2014, 06:02 AM
Thanks for the reply, Peter. I'm glad to hear that you're seeing good results - it offers me some hope. I guess I've just got to stick with it.

I can't say I've ever considered concealers before, but I think I'll look into them.

Once again, I appreciate your reply.

All the best.

08-04-2014, 06:09 AM
Hope is one thing you should never lose. There are so may solutions out there!

Concealers were hard for me to accept but after use I would recommend to everyone! Dermmatch is waterproof, sweat proof and only comes of with shampoo! If you are now considering a concealer, i can say without a shadow of doubt that Dermmatch is the only one you want! Here's a reply I just posted to someone with a similar query to yours (My apologies for the essay haha);


First of, it is great that you are catching hair loss at an early age! You've given yourself such an advantage so smile about that :)

I noticed irregularities with my hair at 17 years old and after 5 years of relentlessly researching and trying everything, I am now sat here at 22 with a near adolescent hairline and a respectively full head of hair. It has been in a word TRAUMATISING but that's what we are all here for, to share our knowledge and triumph over hair loss. I want to save you the heartache and mental torture that comes with hair loss.

I have been taking it solidly for 18 months now and it has been incredible. The hair regrowth around my hairline is amazing! Propecia does have it's ups and downs throughout the early months of taking it with some shedding but it is not hair loss, just a hair reset shall we say. So stick with it! I know everyone may react differently but one pill a day is worth the results it may bring. But please be persistent! Every hair loss surgeon and consultant I have spoken to swears by it and is adamant about consistent use. Boots Online are a great price, 90 for 3 months supply.

I know you haven't asked about concealers but Dermmatch is perfect! If applied correctly (which is not difficult) it is undetectable, water proof, sweat proof! It will only come off with shampoo. Applied correctly, you could really strengthen the hairs around your hairline. This can be a permanent solution for you or just a temporary one until the propecia (potentially) rocks your world. Dermmatch is about 30 for an amount that could last you a year, depends how much you need.

Hair Transplants
ZIERING ZIEIRNG ZEIRING. If you are considering the option of a hair transplant then... ZIERING! Your age could be an issue for them but they give you a free consultation and will talk to you about everything and talk about what's best for your future hair retention and restoration. It's not cheap but i know i speak for all when I say, there is no cost great enough to stop me feeling comfortable in my own skin.

Hair Styling
I'll keep this brief because I know far too much about this area. A full fringe will cover your temples really well. Or an 'UP/DOWN QUIFF' could do the trick and looks great, Push your hair up like Jedward (You know what I mean) and then softly press down on the top to bow your hair towards the front. The bowing with let it dip past your hairline whilst appearing to be pushed up out of your face.

Message me for more details! There's so much more to this!

Never lose hope, there's always a solution!

Peter Parker