View Full Version : Hair Replacement before Hair Transplant

07-24-2014, 02:25 AM
Hi All,

To explain my situation. I'm 24yo, with a quickly receding NW2. I currently only use Minoxidil and Nizarol, and won't try Fin as I know I'm susceptible to sides.

I just wanted to get your thoughts on the idea of opting for a non surgical hair replacement system for a few years until my balding pattern has completed. A good surgeon should then be confident in giving me an FYI Hair Transplant.

Has anyone done this, or is doing it? Any thoughts?

07-25-2014, 02:24 PM
How do you know that you would be susceptible to side-effects? Even without considering side-effects, finasteride typically won't help loss in the frontal zone. It is the mid-scalp and crown where it helps.

A top end quality hair system is what I think you are referring to and yes that's possible but would not recommend it if you are only at a Norwood 2 stage. It would involve shaving down a good amount of your native thinning hair to accommodate the placement of the hair system.

I wore then myself for over ten years and the quality ones are expensive and a pain to deal with regarding daily grooming. Now they have disposable ones but again very pricey.

So by the time you get to the point in being ready for surgical restoration, you may end up spending the same amount if not more on systems over several years or so.

I suppose you could try it and see how you like them but should you decide to not wear them anymore, you will have a large bald area to contend with visually speaking until your native hair grows back in.

Something to think about...:confused: