View Full Version : Hi guys,new to this forum,i cant take it no more!!!Time for a transplant..need advice

07-22-2014, 09:32 PM
Let me tell you this to begin with:I cant take it anymore.I once had a head full of hair and like many of you going bald was the least of my concern.But reality is here today and psychologically,its tough to deal with this hairloss.
Im pretty confident i need a transplant but I dont want to rob a bank for that:D(kidding)
As i said im a newbie but who to go to?i am interested in Dr gho multiplication technique but i dont know if he has great results in terms of hairline.I am strongly considering a trip to turkey because i heard theres some great surgeons there,for half the price of what you can get in the US.how can i achieve the best density/hairline ratio?Also,how difficult is it to be approved for a hair transplant financing option?are there any side effects and also some risks especially if you travel regarding a hair transplant?
thank you so much for your input