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07-22-2014, 06:58 PM

I'm thinking of having an FUT procedure in about a month's time. My plan was to return to school after the procedure. Unfortunately I've had a change of heart with my career goals, and now will have to wait another year to get into my desired program. This affects my decision to go through with the hair procedure as the job I'm currently working at could be considered somewhat physically demanding. It's a field job (hard hat) that sometimes involves lifting over 80lbs. What I'm concerned about is sub-optimal healing to the donor area, specifically the scar. I've heard that heavy lifting and strenuous activity after an FUT procedure can result in a wider scar. Unfortunately, I am not a good candidate for FUE. The clinic where I'm do have the procedure at said that I cannot wear a hard hat for a month after the procedure, and I've read that it can be best to wait between 3-6 months after an FUT procedure before again beginning strenuous physical activity. Would it maybe be best to postpone the procedure for a year until I return to school and no heavy lifting is involved? Thoughts or opinions?

07-23-2014, 12:20 AM
Going back to that job straight after the op doesn't sound like a good idea unless you can feign a bad back and ask colleagues to do your lifting as you said sometimes you have to lift, if it was a daily regular part of the job then I think it is a no go and you should postpone. The scar does take up to 6 months to heal but varies from person to person, if you are doing too much you will feel a tightness and pull at the back of your head and should stop.

I am interested in how old you are and where you are having your procedure?

07-23-2014, 01:23 PM
Hi Garageland,

Thanks for the advice, and what a cool coincidence! It just so happens that I am to have my procedure with Dr. Wong of Hasson and Wong later in August. Are you always this good at discovering H&W clientle? Just kidding! I'm 28 years old, and have been in and out of university since graduating high school unfortunately. My hairline started to recede when I was 17, and I won't lie, it has certainly affected my ability to select a suitable career path. I'm now a Norwood 5A. Anyway, I got serious about a HT about a year ago, and came across H&W almost immediately after beginning my research. As I went about researching, I continually found nothing but good reviews for H&W. I was able to get in touch with Joe Tillman (aka Jotronic), and he handled my initial consultation for me, and answered all of my questions superbly. He is a HT guru, who's knowledge and expertise with regards to this industry is invaluable. I feel quite confident that I've made a good choice in going with H&W. Unfortunately, my current situation with regards to school has thrown a road block in the way for the time being. I'm hoping that H&W will allow me to reschedule to next year, if that proves to be the best way to go.

07-31-2014, 01:09 AM

Apologies for the delay in this response, just a lucky guess to be honest but congrats on a great choice of Doctor! Have you contacted the clinic directly to discuss your concerns yet? If not drop me a email on ukconsultant@hassonandwong.com. If you are going to reschedule lets gets something done now.