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07-21-2014, 01:21 PM
Hello all,

Firstly, like a lot of you, I've had signs of hair loss at an early age: 18 or 19 my hair line started to recede slightly. Fast forward about 5 years later, I am around 23 or 24 and my scalp starts itching like crazy! I feel compelled it itch at it! I didn't think anything of it, and thought my hair was just going through some type of phase--no way it could be manifestation of male pattern baldness.

The preceding 5 years that led up to this was marked by severe bouts of depression, which resulted in being put on medication, and semi-rapid weight loss at one point (about 60lbs in a half year or so). I still do not know if this precipitated my hair loss episode I am having now, to which I am dubious will halt at any rate.

So here I am now, 2 more years later at 25, and went from a doable hair style to a visible scalp with little hope in recovering much hair. I have been on finasteride, ~0.65mg per day, for 4-5 months now, and have seen my hair worsen and cause an alarming shed that seems to not stop.

Now I am waiting to see if, by the 12 month mark of being on finasteride, I show signs of hope that it will improve--I am not all that optimistic.

I will post some pictures of my hair loss, with the first picture being mostly of the crown and was taken on March 20, 2013 (sorry about the quality and lighting, but I hope it gives an accurate picture of how my hair was). The second one is as I am right now; the third picture, taken in April 2014, was when I was just one month into finasteride.

Thank you for reading.