View Full Version : My Hair / NYC Surgeons - Advise needed

07-20-2014, 07:26 PM

I am meeting with Dr. Wesley, Berstein, Feller and True/Dorin over the next week. I've shared pictures before. I am 31 and have been slowly losing my hair for 10 years, mostly a receding hairline. I've been taking avodart for years. My crown is pretty solid as of now. I have thick hair in back I've been told by a hair doctor so have good donor area.

I've been told before that I could use 2k grafs, mostly all up front to give me a better hairline. I just want the best/most natural look possible and am willing to pay for it.

1) Do you think I would be better with FUE or FUT?
2) Of those doctors who do you think could best help my situation? I know that some specialize in big/large procedures.

Thanks so much my friends!