View Full Version : is it too late to try and regrow it naturally ?

07-18-2014, 07:06 PM
hay there
my name is munjed i am 23y and i started to lose my hair 4 years ago
it was a slow processes but it's definitely showing in the picture here
now i was consedring a transplant surgery but i wanted to know is it fixable ? cuz i dont want to waste my money on a surgery when i can regrow it naturally (if its possable)
i heard that some creams or lotions are really effective and if there is anything like that what would be the best to treat a condition like mine
i really really hate the idea of losing my hair cuz i never thought it would happen to me and besides i am 23 for gods sake if it was on 35 or something then i will embrace the hell of it :\

thanks in advance :)

07-19-2014, 12:39 PM
I'll break it down real simple for you.

1. There is no point in getting a hair transplant unless you also get on an anti androgen to halt hairloss. This could be finasteride (FDA approved) or something like an experimental such as RU as I suffer from less sides on it than fin/dutasteride.

2. If you want get on minoxidil aswell - it will help boost regrowth. Personally I like to keep my regime simple - I am only on RU.

3. After being on an anti androgen, and possibly minox - give it a year. This will more or less be the baseline for your hair.

4. Once you achieve your new baseline for your hair then you can consider a hair transplant if it is not where you like it.