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07-18-2014, 12:13 PM
Hey everyone, this is my first post on the board. I recently turned 29, and have noticed hair loss for over the past year or two but have procrastinated taking any action. I have SUPER thin hair to begin with, so the thinning/loss of my hair is even more obvious. Brief research has lead me to the purchase of the follow products as my initial efforts against MPB:

Kirkland 5% minoxidil Foam - 12mo supply
Ultralux Hair surge shampoo (seems like a scam - found out after i bought)
1000mcg tablets Biotin

I also have a prescription ordered for Propecia, but I'm scared sh*tless by the side effects I've read about so I haven't filled it.

I've attached a few photos below. Is it too late for Minoxidil to work for me? Thank you in advance for anyone who responds I really appreciate it! I'm not ready to lose my hair yet!

07-19-2014, 04:06 AM
To me, it looks like you may have diffuse thinning on top. It does not fit into the regular norwood scale, but it's basically where hair begins to thin all over as opposed to receding or crown thinning. Out of curiosity, are your sides and back thin? Because if not, it is most likely DPA (Diffused Pattern Alopecia), which would mean that you're thinning except for a safezone of hair. In terms of treatment options, the main ones are "the big 3", which consists of minoxidil, propecia and nizoral shampoo (which might be a good replacement for the scam shampoo you were referring to). I do think it's worth trying Minoxidil, because on some it can have an outstanding effect at growing hair, but these are mainly when minoxidil is in conjunction with Propecia. What a lot of people don't understand is that the chances of getting sides on Propecia are very slim. There's a huge amount of people who take Propecia on this forum and worldwide who are ok with it. Therefore if you're not ready to lose your hair yet, I would seriously consider Propecia, as the chances of getting sides compared to the chances of it saving your hair are minimal. In addition sides tend to be temporary, so Propecia can be discontinued after. So basically to fight your hair loss, you will need minoxidil (the kirkland brand you have at the moment should suffice well), propecia (which despite the potential sides which are very unlikely to occur, is the main weapon as it lowers DHT. Although you may also consider alternative DHT lowering treatments, e.g. topical fin/ru58841) and nizoral shampoo, although it shouldn't be used too often (roughly 2x a week) due to the harsh effect on hair. But one of the keys to hair loss is to always keep hope, because there's always options, and most of all to live your life and try not to let MPB consume you or stop you. I genuinely think you could get amazing results and regrowth. So best of luck!

07-19-2014, 09:39 AM
Wow thank you so much! I had never even heard those terms before with regards to the "type" of hair loss I am experiencing. After countless hours of scouring this site and reading over other peoples posts, I think you're right about Propecia and I certainly would like to adopt the regimen you suggested.

Is there any way to get around the price? I have a prescription for two 90 day supplies of 1mg Propecia but its so damn expensive! I've found a few online pharmacies based out of foreign countries that you can buy generic fin without a prescription. Have you ever used one of those?

07-19-2014, 05:34 PM
Yes there is a way to get around the price. You can always try buying Proscar (a cheaper alternative to fin) and cutting it into 1/4s. Maybe you could try using inhouse pharmacy, but I'm not too sure on online pharmacies. I've never actually used one myself, because firstly I want until I'm a bit older and with my pattern hairloss (class A), treatments are less effective, but I'm supposedly a better candidate for a hair transplant. So my plan is to start treatments a few years before that. Whereas in your situation, treatments are probably best and can be very effective in thickening your hair. Furthermore you might be able to get very good results, particularly as diffuse thinners tend to have stronger hairlines intact (I believe anyway). You can also use products such as topic to help cover crown loss. However if you stick to the big 3, then you can get good results, although they won't work straight away, so I'd say stick with it for at least a year. The best way is to take photos in similar lighting conditions (try to go for a weak, natural light), to track progress, and post them on here to review. And remember, people who don't have MPB don't view hair loss as drastically as we do, so don't worry too much about appearances in public! Best of luck!

07-20-2014, 03:55 PM
Thanks Jesse! I think inhouse pharm requires a prescription now but I could be wrong. But either way yeah I'll probably just start with the big three method first and ill post pictures for sure. Dreading the "shed" phase I keep reading about but it's just a part of the game it seems. I did look up that "Toppik" stuff, and I just don't see myself getting into that. Seems just like a cover up. At least minoxidil and fin seem like actual "treatment" methods.

Thanks again for the tips!

07-21-2014, 08:00 AM
No problems! Yeah I think everyone's shed phase differs, but you just have to try not to pay too much attention, and that even if hairs fall out, it's for the greater good. And I understand what you mean, topic is more for just cosmetic use, but anyway good luck!